Born in 1939, I began to draw at the age of 5, first copying comic book covers, then drawing our pets, and copying pictures of animals from magazines. I took up oils as a young teenager without formal instruction, but with the encouragement and private tutelage from my art instructor in high school. I had a duel major in biology (pre-med) and art at Wesleyan University. When I presented my portfolio of paintings from high school, the Art Department waived my "art 101" requirements, and gave me my own studio where I received one-on-one instruction in oil painting during my junior and senior years. There were only 5 such private studios on campus, even for Art majors.

Medicine is a jealous mistress, and I found little time for painting until I retired from active practice 3 years ago. I took up where I left off, but was more clumsy than I had imagined. I practiced with photographic realism, until I regained confidence, allowing my evolution into philosophical abstraction. I have been encouraged and received some mentoring from Portland artist, John Harper.

I created this web site to display some of my paintings. I hope you enjoy them. I invite comments, and constructive criticism. Most paintings are for sale.

The background music is by Philip Glass, whose music I use as inspiration for many paintings.


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